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The Festival

28.06. - 02.07.2021

Brucklinn - the Innsbruck Children and Youth Theatre Festival has a new name. This year’s events take place under the heading #bedifferent.

We want to concentrate on what is going on in the minds of the youth, the future of humanity. We want to look, listen and feel, in order to give children and young people space to express their worries, fears and anxieties but also their visions, dreams and plans so they can actively shape them.


In our Young Acting courses and in the theatre Performed bys at the Tiroler Landestheater Innsbruck, experienced drama teachers create participatory works of art in accordance with the annual motto #bedifferent.

Schools, associations and independent theatre Performed bys are also warmly invited to present theme-based plays, scenes, performances, etc. at the annual theatre festival - which this year for the first time has taken on a new name: “Brucklinn - youth theatre building bridges”.

Motto 2021

Be yourself! All the others are already taken!

Do I have to be different - can I, should I, may I?


Do we want to fit into standards and swim with the tide or do we want to be different? Often we are afraid of being different or afraid of being normal. But what is actually normal, what is atypical?

Who am I? And how do I become who I am?

In the past as in the present, there were and there are always people who do everything differently and become role models for us. We want to explore what possibilities we can create by being different. But we don't always have a choice to be different, sometimes we are made to be different by others. How does it feel to be regarded as different? What makes us the same anyway?


For all interested teachers, there will be a





an advanced training on the annual motto


in Innsbruck or online!


Brucklinn 2021 stands under the motto #bedifferent. Everybody individually with his play group and yet together, we want to work on pieces that are about "being different".

At the beginning of the working process, on 23.01.2021, there will be the opportunity to be in contact with the other play leaders, to exchange ideas and impulses and also to create possible points of contact.

At the end of the year we will meet at the festival to show our productions and results and to celebrate a theater festival together under the motto #bedifferent.

3 Stufen
3 Stages
3 Stufen.png

Brucklinn - the three stages of the International Theatre Festival Innsbruck


"Brucklinn - Youth Theatre Building Bridges" is the new Innsbruck theatre festival format for children and teenagers, organised and run in partnership by Young Acting and the Tiroler Landestheater.

Over the next three years, a colourful, varied and freely accessible programme of performances and workshops for the whole family will take place in the heart of Innsbruck. At the same time, many opportunities for artistic and cultural exchange will be available for young people from all over the world.


Between October 2020 and June 2023, a progressively international youth theatre scene will develop plays on various topics each year and stage them for the first time in June 2021.

According to the motto #bedifferent, more than 20 theatre groups will present their plays this year – both on-site in Innsbruck and online for the whole world to watch.


Next year, in 2022, more groups of children and teenagers will be invited to stage their participatory theatre productions in Innsbruck and to give space to the artistic diversity of young people. 


In June 2023, the network of international theatre companies will be our guests in Innsbruck in the grand finale. The live premières of the most diverse forms of children's and youth theatre from all over the world will mark the highlight of the three stages of Brucklinn - the festival building bridges for young theatre.


online and at the Zeughaus Innsbruck

Programme for participants
  • oThe Festival takes place at the Innsbruck Armoury (Zeughaus).​

  •  All plays will also be available in an online format as a live stream.​

  • Children's and youth theatre groups from schools, associations or other institutions in Tyrol present their production and watch the other groups' performances.

  • ​ The stage plays will last between 5 and a maximum of 40 minutes.​

  •  The young performers and all directors receive a snack and a drink.​

  • o In order to offer all groups equal conditions and an equally large audience, the participating theatre groups commit themselves to be present at the festival for the whole morning or afternoon.​

  • o There will be a feedback session for stage directors and an opportunity for exchange with other regisseurs.

for spectators

Morning programme for school classes and families

Afternoon programme for families and interested spectators

Online workshops for classes

Workshops for children and teenagers

at the Armoury (Zeughaus)

Admission is free!

Online programme

Enjoy Brucklinn via live stream from your own home or your classroom



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All Covid protection measures will be followed according to the regulations!

Please note that admission is only allowed when you are recovered, vaccinated or have a negative test.

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